“Management is about the efficiency in climbing the ladder of success. Leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall”.

As the country takes a leap towards development, and there is a rising growth in infrastructure – it becomes the responsibility of various industries to drive this progress.

We, at Robot, are taking the country’s vision of success forward. With original equipment quality parts – Robot has transformed into the leading manufacturer for various earthmoving industries.

Started in 1994 and standing strong with quality certification from top German accreditation companies – we have added 2 modern manufacturing units to our list of achievements.

Both of our plants are advancing and are housed in Faridabad and Palwal, Haryana. Robot has carved a niche by becoming the sole manufacturer of a complete range of genuine quality JCB parts and other major brands like Case, Hyundai, Komatsu and Hitachi. We are consistently flourishing and expanding production for our increasing base.


Our consistent efforts towards manufacturing top-most quality products & services with strict adherence to the quality codes and management have got us this far and earned us several rewards



Mr N.K. Gupta's interest in engineering spurted when he learned about compressors and their parts. His initial source of knowledge was his father, who was working as a mechanical engineer with a compressor manufacturing company. Observing the rise of JCB and the construction industry, his calculative decision to manufacture high-quality spare parts, which will be seen as an alternative to JCB's original parts, set forth the path of progress for Robot.


From a young age, seeing his close associates working tirelessly to make Robot a quality brand, Vivek Gupta grew up with admiration for engineering and design. Naturally, he did mechanical engineering to develop and hone the craft of creating good mechanical products. At Robot, he oversees the complete production and design system.


Yash is a highly educated finance and accounting professional with a Bachelor's degree from the University of Technology Sydney. He currently works at Robot Components Private Limited, overseeing purchase, vendor management, & business direction. Yash's financial expertise has been instrumental in the company's growth, & colleagues highly respect his leadership skills. He has a clear vision for the company's future & always seeks innovative solutions to improve efficiency & profitability. Yash is committed to his work, an excellent communicator, & has built strong relationships with clients and vendors.


Abhay is a talented mechanical engineer, who graduated from Manipal University in 2019. Working at Robot Components Private Limited, he specializes in product design & reverse engineering, utilizing his attention to detail and creativity to bring ideas to life. His expertise has been invaluable in developing new products, & his ability to find solutions to complex problems is highly regarded. With strong technical skills & leadership qualities, Abhay oversees general operations, drives growth, & builds a strong team. This dynamic & innovative engineer is well-positioned for continued success in the future.