Hydraulic breaker

[:en]Trends and Tips You Need to Know about Hydraulic Breakers[:]

[:en]Hydraulic breaking can be made more productive and efficient by following certain tips and utilizing the latest technology.

With the advent of new technologies, the world has become a better place to live in. The various technologies designed have vested the human beings with proper operating techniques and has minimized downtime on any job. Hydraulic breaking technology has evolved over time and has made a lot of advancements. These technologies ensure proper operation, enhance breaking efficiency, minimize operating cost, and the time associated to complete the task.

In order to ensure that the breakers have a long, productive and extended life, buy parts of JCB. Also, certain technologies and tips are to be kept in mind for long-term benefits.

Utilize the Latest Technologies

Hydraulic breakers are designed to break rocks or any concrete structure. Due to their versatility and high efficiency, they are used to perform a variety of tasks. These high-impact breakers make the breaking and crushing more manageable thus making the task much more efficient and effective.

In order to enhance the usefulness of hydraulic breakers, technological improvements should be made by using blank firing protection. It is designed to minimize the wear and tear that the hammer faces. By employing anti-blank-fire protection the hammer can be protected against premature deterioration and from direct metal-to-metal contact.

Another technology advancement that some manufacturers are offering is the energy recovery valve. It increases the striking power of hammer by transferring recoil energy to the tool’s next blow.

Speed control is one technological improvement designed for the breaker, offering greater productivity and minimizes the backflow of harmful energy to the excavator.

Regular Maintenance is the Key

Each and every piece of equipment requires regular maintenance in order to minimize wear and tear, to increase efficiency, productivity and lifespan. Therefore, the tools should be inspected on the regular basis to identify any wear and tear signs.

For the smooth functioning of the breaker, the nitrogen level must be recharged periodically and also the emphasis should be laid on lubrication. The cradle-mounted approach should be used in order to reduce the refill intervals. This will help in easing the usage of the breakers.

All the indicators showing the wear and tear on the console of the breaker must be checked periodically. It can lead to the identification of the damages at an early stage.

A Few More Tips

There are a few more tips to be kept in mind while using the breakers.
The tools and the brushes should be lubricated regularly using the specified grease to ensure lubrication throughout the operations.

In order to avoid extreme heat and premature failure, the hammer needs to be repositioned. Repositioning must be done quite often.

By choosing the right tool for the job, the whole process becomes much more efficient. Choosing this approach can help in the long-term cost and productivity of the breaker.

All the above stated technological trends and operation tips if used can create a healthy working environment for the hydraulic breakers. Operators can buy parts of JCB to ensure quality replacements for the breakers and for prolonging the life.[:]

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