Tips to Help You Choose the Best Backhoe Loader

Most people normally get lost for choice when it comes to selecting the best model for their backhoe-loaders. The manufacturers have however thought that it could be wise if they gave advice on the model that you need. Considering they are multipurpose you need to get the best one to serve you well regardless of the activity be it digging, lifting, and even loading. Considering the technicalities involved in choosing manufacturers we think it is better if you did define where you are going to use it, check its competency, options, what are its features, and then its serviceability. This is not only important during the purchase but even when replacing it supposing it breaks down or wears out. Here a few things you need to check about the parts of JCB before making that special purchase that you intend to make.

Check the Automation Options and its Controls

When it comes to controlling most people would tell you that electrohydraulic and the pilot control are much more effective than the mechanic valves. This for starters is a fact and you shouldn’t overlook it when you are doing your shopping. Bigger machines like caterpillars offer the pilot controls which come with a pattern changer. The pattern changer is the one responsible for the change of the backhoe and the excavator patterns. While some machines prefer to go manual, there are those that have almost everything being automatic like the JCB which has Auto idle, auto drive and even auto throttle among other automatic features. So you see it is all about your choice and style.

What Is Its Payback Potential?

You need to start looking at the machines’ features when you are done with its capabilities. Take a keen eye on the loader it has among other added features. If you are looking for a machine to handle small tasks a couple of times a day then a basic machine can do just fine. If you are however looking to get a machine that will help you handle tasks for even two to three days consecutive then you need to go for a stronger and bigger machine that can comfortably handle the task. It is also important that you consider the comfortability of the machine to help the operator be at ease while carrying around the day to day functions.

Size and Horsepower

This is the first spec that most people ought to check at all times when buying such machinery or any automobile. The machine’s horsepower is what gives out the breakout energy to facilitate the digging or whatever activity the machine is engaging in. That means the more the horsepower the stronger it is and the more effective it is when digging or even loading. If you, however, go for the smaller horsepower machine you will be limited to certain tasks and be unable to do others. You should also remember machines with higher horsepower consume a lot of fuel, unlike their small horsepower counterparts.


Consider purchasing a machine with easy serviceability. You have to think of it from the operator’s point of view where they are forced to check it every time before starting to work on a project. This calls for easy checking and repair by using genuine parts of JCB unlike the tough to service machine that will leave you stranded and looking for specialized help for you to get back on your projects.

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