[:en]JCB machines are unique and very different from cars you drive. In simple words, they do not have a gearbox. Instead, they have an automatic transmission that has two important parts โ€“ a torque converter and a transmission pump. Since JCB machines are designed to handle tough jobs, their transmission system is required to generate a large amount of torque to handle these tasks.

Regular maintenance is a big factor in keeping your JCB machines running smoothly and you need to always use genuine JCB spares to keep performance-related issues at bay. Here are some important things you should focus on when buying a transmission pump for your JCB equipment.

Pump Displacement

The pump displacement is equivalent to the power output of the engine. Larger the pump displacement, the more power it will give to the machine. There are different types of transmission pumps and you need to figure out the right pump displacement needed for your JCB machine. If you select a transmission pump with lower pump displacement, the automatic transmission will not be able to generate enough power/torque to complete the tough job. Also, if you select transmission pump with higher pump displacement, it could lead to wastage of energy when the fluid is pumped through the piping system.

Operating Pressure

Transmission pump in JCB machines works on the principle of hydraulic pumps where fluids pressure play an important role. For example, the transmission pump has to generate enough force to overcome pressure induced by the load. The JCB equipment creates force by pumping an adequate amount of fluid within the transmission to generate enough power to run the hydraulic equipment. If the operating pressure is less than what is required for strenuous jobs, the operator will face several difficulties in handling the JCB attachments and it will also put stress on the automatic transmission system.

Flow Rate

In gear pumps, the flow rate refers to the rate of energy transfer at any given pressure. The transmission pumps are available in different flow rate configurations. The flow rate of the gear pump is calculated in L/min and generally indicated as Max flow rate on the packaging. A general rule applicable to the flow rate specification is higher the flow rate, more is the energy transfer of the gear pump.

Form and Dimension

Besides above-given things, compatibility is an important factor when choosing a transmission pump. The physical form and the dimensions are important characteristics while choosing this pump for your JCB equipment. This will ensure you do not have to make any physical modifications to fit the part in its place.

These are some of the important factors you need to consider when buying a transmission pump for JCB equipment. When replacing transmission pump or any component, you need to buy genuine JCB spares as these parts are checked for quality and you get the best value for money.[:]

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