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Robot Planetary Hub Carrier: A Critical JCB Part

Robot Planetary Hub Carrier


A set of planetary gears, sun gear, annulus ring gear, annulus carrier as a unit is housed in planetary hub and closed by Wheel bearing carrier to form a single unit. The whole assembly is now ready for fitting Rear wheel. When there is a perfect blend of right material and accurate processing, the product become a high-tech one. This is exactly the case of planetary hub in Robot plant.

Spheroidal Graphite iron of 600/3 grade as per BS 2789 is selected to cast in induction furnace of our own plant ensuring the complete control. This grade is having much higher tensile strength coupled with optimum hardness and greater bearing property. Full machinery is done by the aid of CNC turning centre and VMC under the same roof making the product comparable to JCB original in all respect. There is a thrust pad made out of bearing steel of similar hardness is fitted in the bottom to counter the wearness due to regular engagement of drive shaft. This is a very critical JCB Part, many JCB Spare parts manufacturers produce very poor quality Planetary Hub. The same is explained in the next paragraph.

Local Planetary Hub Carrier


Planetary gears do not fit correctly with other gears resulting noisy, sticky and breakage of gears teeth.

Machining on ordinary lathe which does not guarantee dimensional accuracy leading to troublesome fitment and breakage. Mounting holes are drilled on ordinary drilling machine mismatching of hole location.

Sub-standard casting with full of impurities, blow holes, porosity; weak and brittle. Breaks while working. Therefore one should always go for only Robot brand JCB Spare Parts, as Robot is the only JCB Spare Parts Manufacturer who manufactures high quality JCB Spare Parts.

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