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Hydraulic breakers are really powerful tools and to own one you need to make a sizable investment. With the money that you spend on this, it is only natural that you would want it to last long. It will take some effort to ensure they continue to serve you efficiently. In fact, you need to use the right parts of JCB and carry out routine maintenance.

There are certain things you need to do consistently besides getting genuine parts of JCB to keep your hydraulic breaker working well. Let us take a look at some of them.

Take Keen Interest in its Appearance

Observing is the easiest maintenance task that gets neglected often. It is very easy to see certain faults that may need fixing or to notice if the performance may not be as it was when you first purchased it. Do this every day so that you can catch any problem before it escalates. Inspect all external parts and ensure they are in good working condition.

Check Hydraulic Hoses

Take note of the length of the hoses that come from the excavator. It is common for them to be either too long or too short and this affects performance. If they are too long they can easily get entangled in debris and end up coming off while if they are too short they could affect the flexibility of the tool. Also, ensure that they have been routed correctly.

Utilize the Correct Tools

Having the right tools is more than just ensuring that the job gets done properly. The life of the breaker depends on having the right tools all the time. Consult the instruction manual which will be able to guide you through choosing the right point tools for different tasks. They come labeled so it is not hard to match them to the tasks.


Just like most movable machines and tools, the breaker needs to greased. This ensures that friction does not get the better of it as it breaks through rocks. You need to use the right kind of grease which has been designed to handle high temperatures as the machine works. Most manufacturers will recommend that greasing is done often in intervals of about 2 hours. This helps to extend the life of the breaker. If you are lucky though, you would not have to do the greasing as you work since some hydraulic breakers can grease themselves automatically. If you do it manually, you should try not to overdo it since that can also cause problems.

Ensure You Have all the Tools

As you carry out maintenance, you need to have the right tools for this. Using the wrong tools could easily damage the breaker. The tools usually come along with the breaker so it will not be hard to find the right tools as long as you have an original hydraulic breaker.

If you care about your breaker and would like to see it function at its best, it is important to keep it maintained. If you are not able to do it on your own, then you can have it done by a professional. Do not neglect it just because it is a heavy-duty tool.


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