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Points to Be Kept in Mind While Installing a JCB Hydraulic Pump.

Just as a human heart a pump blood throughout our body and ensures that our body is functioning, in the same way a hydraulic pump in a JCB machine pumps hydraulic oil throughout the machine so that it can carry out its tasks. A JCB is a hydraulic machine and needs instant high pressure of hydraulic oil at slight movement of lever to carry put tasks. This need of hydraulic oil pressure is provided by a double flow gear pump. Just like other JCB Parts a hydraulic pump wears out with time. Due to wearing out the pressure provided by the pump drops significantly. Now the need arises to replace the pump. If you choose to go for a costly original pump replacement by JCB then you need not worry for anything. But if you choose for a JCB aftermarket hydraulic pump then you need to remember few points in your mind before replacing the pump so as not to damage your costly brand new pump and then blame the manufacturer uselessly. The points are as follows:

  1. 1. Flush out all the old hydraulic oil and clean the complete hydraulic system.
  2. 2. Replace all the hydraulic filters with brand new filters, use only JCB genuine filters or Robot brand filters only.
  3. 3. Replace the MRV, use only JCB genuine MRV or Robot brand MRV.
  4. 4. Fill only 32 grade hydraulic oil of reputed brand like Robot, JCB, Vaolvoline, Castrol etc.
  5. 5. Clean steering unit completely.
  6. 6. Get the pump installed by a experienced mechanic only.

If any of the point is not followed, it will damage the pump permanently and you might be thinking that the manufacturer provided you a poor quality pump, whereas the fault was in your stars.

Let me explain you these points. If hydraulic system is not cleaned properly it might have particles in the system which will damage the pump body and pressure plates resulting in pressure drop. If the MRV is changed, the damaged poppet valve of the old MRV will not function properly and will result in back pressure, this back pressure on the pump will wear out the pump body and damage the gears. If the filters are not changed the chocked and contaminated filters will not provide oil to the pump as a result the pump as a result the pump will get hot and will “seize”. Using oil of grade thicker than 32 grade will be too thick for the pump and will damage the body of the pump.

So in order to prevent damage to your pump and enhance its life one should always follow these points strictly.

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