[:en]Manufacturing Process of the Backhoe Loader[:]

[:en]A backhoe is used during excavation or construction work. In order to make sure the best equipment has been manufactured, it goes through a certain process.

Due to its adaptability, the backhoe is one of the tools which is commonly used during construction work. The backhoe depends on hydraulic pressure which is drawn by the hydraulic lines which contain the hydraulic fluid. There is also a pump and other pistons which allow the machine to extend and cut through soil easily. The backhoe can be replaced if it is worn out by companies such as JCB spare parts. The pump will exert pressure on the hydraulic fluid to open a valve which will release oil into the piston. In this article, you will learn on the manufacturing process of the backhoe.

Receiving and Assembling

The manufacturing process begins at the receiving docks of the factory where most of the equipment are unloaded and inventory carried out and then stored at the docks before direction to the subassembly cells.

The components are also placed together from the docks to make complete units. The materials can also be cleaned and in most cases, cleaning is carried out by oil. The backbone casting is also carried out through the process of machining. The process is computer-controlled.

Painting and Curing

The handling system consists of conveyor belts which are powered by electricity to move the subassemblies after they have been placed on them. As the structural subassemblies are finished, they are conveyed through the painting center which has got two processes.

The pieces are then primed using an electrical process which will add a paint layer on them. It is also called an e-coat layer and it gives the machine its vigorousness. The final painting is done manually. The painters can observe it and see the places where the final painting is necessary and proceed to carry it out. They are then conveyed through the curing often where the paint is heated.

Hydraulic Cylinders and Radiator

It is the cylinder factory. The cylinder rods are received and cut into various lengths which are later e-coated, hand painted and oven cured just like in the previous process. After the process is complete, they are carried to the assembly area through folk lifters.

There are also other additional subassemblies which are prepared during this process for their final assembly.

Final Assembly

All the subassemblies meet in the assembly area. They are transported and delivered to the point of use in the assembly line to make sure there is less movement. Each of the parts will then be assembled according to how they are used or how they work.

The finished backhoe is also taken to the painting for the last time. The details and other warnings about the machine are added. Each of the backhoes will be driven to the testing area for evaluation.

The backhoe is one of the important parts which can be used in different ways. In addition, it can also be replaced since there are JCB spare parts which are customized to meet the needs of the customers. If you need to begin any construction or excavation work, a backhoe is a must.[:]

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