Main Maintenance Issues in a JCB Excavator and How to Fix Them

JCB excavators and earthmovers are known for their robust designing and precisely engineered component features. In India, this company holds nearly 80% of market cap in the earthmoving equipment market. But, ownership of JCB machines comes at huge prices. You need to maintain your investment with proper repairs and timely service. There are some common maintenance issues found in excavators made by the company. Here, they are explained with solutions:

Lack of Greasing:

With regular usage under challenging site environments, your JCB machine parts undergo a lot of wear and tear. The pins and bushings need regular greasing to be maintained properly. Typically, they need daily greasing. You can find recommended greasing spots in the user’s manual. Do not go for over greasing as it can also destroy your machine. Rather, 1-3 shots are all that your equipment needs. Even after regular greasing, some components like pins are prone to break down. You should buy JCB spare parts like these from a trusted supplier to ensure seamless operations of machine.

Neglect of Propel Drive Gearbox:

When it comes to servicing the components of a JCB machine, you propel drive gearbox needs a lot of attention. This component mostly remains covered by mud. The drain and fill plugs are often not visible to operators. As such, they are rarely maintained on a timely basis. Gearboxes in excavators need oil change after every 1000-hour gap. If you forget to maintain a proper level of oil in these parts, they fail and break down. If this happens, choose to buy gearboxes from a trusted supplier of JCB spare parts.

Not Changing Hydraulic Oil:

Like engine oil, hydraulic oil also loses its viscosity; it breaks down and holds contaminants in the suspension. This causes moving parts to break down over time. Mostly, hydraulic failures are caused by lack of engine oil. Hence, you should try to maintain it at optimal level. Check the user manual to look for more information pertaining to this component. Since every machine is different, you should follow a proper procedure.

Maladjustments in Track Tension:

Most of the JCB machines suffer from this maintenance issue if operators fail to notice it on time. The excavators have rubber tracks that should be properly adjusted for longevity and minimal repairs. A loose running track cause unnecessary downtime on your site. Similarly, a tight running track also causes tearing in rubber materials. This maladjustment affects other system components like motors, front idlers, and sockets as well. So, maintain track tension at proper level to avoid any costly replacements or repairs.

These are some common maintenance e issues that impede performance of JCB excavators. If any component of your machine gets broken, replace it immediately with the best spare parts provided by a reliable company, check certifications, accreditations, and technological capabilities of the company beforehand.

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