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How Robot Piston Rods are The Best in The JCB Aftermarket Parts Business


Robot Piston Rods

Piston rod is the most vital part of ram assembly. It is used to activate any function of a machine by reciprocating its movement to and fro by means of pressure exerted by hydraulic fluid.

Piston rod constitutes a rod and an eye. As the piston rod has to work at arduous conditions, rod must not show any sign of deflection, breakage or fatigue. This philosophy is meticulously applied in the selection of raw material and the whole manufacturing process. Material as per EN series of British Standard 970 is used for rod contributing excellent strength and is purchased from the India’s leading steel manufacturer. Rod is machined on CNC Turning Centre. Other part is eye to achieve the optimum strength, forged eye is used.

After machining of eye to the correct dimension, eye is fixed to the rod by induction heating for absolute holding. To cement the holding further, the joint is welded by means of MIG welding machine so that eye will remain an integral part of the unit. Rod is then induction hardened and O.D ground for hard chrome-plating. Hard chrome-plated rod is finished by fine grinding and polished to mirror finish. The hardness of the coating is extremely high so that the surface of rod becomes resistant to scratch/dent throughout its use. Rod cannot yield to buckling due to its strong structure as the rod is already induction hardened. As a whole it is another technological perfection from Robot brand.



Does not work properly, rod gets bent, broken, eye breaks out.

Eye out of porous casting causing heavy blow holes, cracks and breakage is the result Machinery incorrectly on conventional lathe leads to erratic fitment with other parts – resulting in functional failure.

Bogus raw material used for rod, without induction hardening, no hard chrome-plating done – leads to buckling, breakage, damage to mating components. No other JCB Spare Parts Supplier and manufactures parts with such perfection. Trust no other than Robot for your Backhoe Loader Parts.

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