Get Your Backhoe Up and Running with These Five Maintenance Tips

Everyone in the construction industry knows that a backhoe is an integral part of the whole construction and digging phase. With the right JCB 3DX parts, a backhoe can be useful since it can both be an excavator and a loader. But, what will happen if the backhoe suddenly ceases to function?


To prevent this from happening, you need to take maintenance seriously.

Below are some maintenance points that you should look into to ensure that your backhoe functions well and helps in making the construction easier.

1.Never Forget to Grease

A smooth running backhoe should not emit any kind of noise from its bushings, system pins, bearing joints, and pivot points. If this happens, you need to grease it. However, you cannot just use any kind of grease. Refer to the manual provided to see what type of grease to use. The manual will also point out the necessary parts that need greasing.

It is also important to note that you should not put on too much of the grease. When you over-apply grease, crude and dust will stick to it and will cause more damage later on.

2.Always Follow the Manual

Do not ignore the user manual that comes with the backhoe unit when you purchase it. It is made to guide you in the correct way of maintaining the unit to ensure optimal performance. Except if you are a professional technician, you should always refer to the manual during times of maintenance or when you observe an impending issue.

3.Always Do a Post-Shift Clean-Up

Every manufacturer of backhoes always suggests doing a daily check of the unit before and after use. This way you can spot issues and prevent bigger problems from happening. The manual should have a section on what specific measures you need to take when doing a daily check-up.

It is more important to do the check-up after you have used the backhoe for work. You should ensure that dirt gets cleaned so that it does not harden. Always remember that a clean backhoe is a better performing backhoe.

4.Inspect Tires and Have Replacements When Needed

It is important that you ensure each tire of the backhoe has the accurate pressure. If the tires are in perfect pressure condition, it prevents quick wearing. Additionally, it can improve the stability of the backhoe in general.

Regularly check on the tires. If you find it difficult to move around with the backhoe, there might be some problems with the tires. Have spare tires ready so you are always ready to replace them when needed.

5.Have Proper Storage for Attachments

Aside from the unit itself, you should also ensure the condition of the attachments to it. Refer back to the OEM for instructions on how to take care of them. Moreover, you should check for any issues with compatibility. Trying to attach incompatible parts to your backhoe can be dangerous.

You will need to have proper storage of the JCB 3DX parts and other attachments so you can always have a backup and ensure its safety.

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