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Comparison Between Robot Yoke Coupling/Flange And Local Yoke Coupling/Flange

Robot Yoke Coupling/Flange


Yoke coupling is a device used to connect Transfer gear and Prop shaft for the purpose of transmitting power. The primary purpose of coupling is to join two pieces of rotating equipment while permitting some degree of misalignment. Robot provide best “JCB aftermarket parts” YOKE COUPLING. JCB spare parts manufacturers in INDIA normally manufacture yoke flange in casting material whereas they should make it from forging. Almost all the JCB parts suppliers in INDIA sell casting yoke flanges. Low quality is not a good idea for backhoe loader parts since there is a lot of pressure on parts because of heavy working load on a backhoe loader when it is in action. Robot is known for producing best JCB spare parts in INDIA since 25 years. Robot manufactures yoke flanges for JCB 3CX & JCB 4CX as well.


A forged product, out of artistically carved die made out of EN 8 material to British Standard BS 970. Forging is trimmed, normalized and shot blasted to look sound. Forging is machined on CNC turning centre, holes with threadings made on VMC for accuracy and consistency. It is further subjected to broaching of the bore suitable to the splines of transfer gear. Yoke coupling is then induction hard on the areas where bearing and seal engaging with, and ground those areas to three triangle surface finish and correct dimensions.

A metallic shield out of cold rolled steel sheet is fixed as a protection cover which prevents dust getting into the seal and other places.



Made out of ordinary casting by hand moulding.

Does not fit correctly and misaligned failure rate is very high in functioning.

Machining is done of ordinary lathe, drill machine, splines on slotting machine, un hardened, finished on buffing machine, distorted splines do not fit properly and can get sheared. Material ungraded, fabricated structure is used, porous, rough finish and uneven look. Weaker section – breakage.

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