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Comparison Between Robot Tipping lever And Local Tipping lever

Robot Tipping lever

JCB Spare Parts

Tipping lever is a vital connecting link to transfer severe load between the ram assembly and bucket with little effort. In JCB aftermarket parts market all the JCB parts suppliers in INDIA sell tipping lever manufactured with scrap plates and welded without the support of any fixtures and as a result all the tipping levers have difficulties in fitment as they are not aligned, JCB spare parts manufacturer are not interesting in manufacturing a correct JCB spare parts but only a clone of it. Robot brand tipping levers have become famous for its quality and correct fitment.

Optimum cantileverage advantage coupled with maximum life is the technical philosophy adopted for the manufacturing of Robert brand Tipping Lever. We have selected thicker steel plate of excellent quality which can withstand any jerk and extreme load. Steel plate is procured from the country’s no. 1 steel manufacturer to ensure we only get high quality plate. Plates are cut by profile cutting machine by the aid of specially contoured template which will guarantee the same profile every time. Plates are symmetrically kept in and welded by placing strong and sound machined casting in between.

Casting is manufactured in our casting unit having induction furnace and VMC machined to achieve the precise dimensions. Various types of bush for tipping lever are of excellent quality and all the bush are given the final finish in CMC Turing centre. We have a broad spectrum of Tipping Levers and being used across the globe. Every model of Tipping Lever has specially designed welding fixture which guarantees perfect alignment of all the pivot pins in the machine. The whole welding is performed on MIG welding machine with continuity and beauty and the fusion is so strong that weld becomes integral part of the part. Use robot brand for performance beyond excellence. Robot is now no. 1 company in backhoe loader parts.

Local Tipping lever

JCB Spare Parts

Alignment of bore problematic, difficult to operate, chance of breaking. Bush out of scrap pipe – leads to cracking. Thinner Local plates used, brittle which get crack while taking load. Profile of plates is cut manually non uniform is shape and look and so are holes; alignment of the bush with respect to pivot pin fitting gets erratic. Welding not uniform and not continuous, with porosity; weak weld.

Casting with blow holes, porosity and loose structure – prone to breakage. Result – Does not fit properly & cannot function.

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