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Comparison Between Robot Steering Coupling And Local Steering Coupling

Robot Steering Coupling


Shaft of steer column is connected to steer valve unit through steering coupling. An exemplary good coupling must have both vibration resistance property while transmitting the motion and absorbing the misalignment between the two connecting ends. ROBOT COUPLING MEETS THESE QUALITIES AND MORE.

All raw material of child parts are selected specifically taking the optimum factor of safety and prolonged life into consideration. Female and male part are out of forged steel EN8D as per British Standard BS 970. Forging provides higher strength along with dimensional stability. Both the metallic forgings are subjected to CNC machining. Female part is broached to make splines correctly fitting into the shaft, drilled and slotted. Teeth are cut accurately on male part, induction hardened on teeth for extra life and rivet holes drilled for assembling. Both the parts are subjected to excellent rust preventive coating for longevity. Now comes the flexible pad fitted between male and female parts.

Manufacturing of this pad needs a special technology. Fresh elastic polymer compound is used for moulding to achieve optimum flexibility and higher torsional strength. In addition, centre reinforcement of rubber sheet (2nos) woven with Rayon moulded in the centre of rubber pad doubly ensures whole assembly can withstand any abuse and the coupling is in-tact throughout while functioning. Steering coupling of robot is an example of another technical excellence, go ahead with it.

Local Steering Coupling


Does not fit correctly into the matching parts due to poor workmanship. Sub-standard raw material for all child parts used resulting in pre-mature failure and can cause severe accident.

Fabricated male part, teeth are cut with crude tool, unhardened and tight / loose fitting.

Female part is fabricated, machined on ordinary lathe, splines are cut on slotting m/c instead of broaching Poor workmanship.

Rivets are made out of M.S rod and prone to break and parts can get separated.

Recycled rubber in used as raw material for flexible pad. It can crack and tear-off due to its poor properties.

In addition, no reinforcing rubber sheet woven with nylon fabric used resulting very low strength leading to breakage at any stage.

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