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Comparison Between Robot Master Cylinder And Local Master Cylinder

Robot Master Cylinder


While applying the brake pedal, Master cylinder transmits hydraulic pressure to the rest of the brake system. Master cylinder practically controls two separate subsystems which are jointly activated by the brake pedal. This is done so that in case a major leak occurs in one system, the other will take care as a safety measure.

ROBOT brand Master cylinder is famous for its high quality and functional performance. Manufacturing of the child parts and assembly is done in our factory to ensure the precision of dimensions and specifications are fully under control. Selection of right raw material for all child parts is the most important initial procedure and that is performed with utmost care.

The cylinder body is cast in induction furnace of our plant to achieve sound casting with controlled macro structure and strength which enable longer life. The body is machined accurately in VMC and the bore is mirror polished for efficient and smooth functioning of the master cylinder. Piston material is EN8 of British Standard, for extra strength and wear resistance.

Piston is machined on CNC turning centre and ground to super finish with diameter suitably matching with the I.D. of the cylinder body. The piston is loaded with high resilient coil spring graded to the Indian Standard 4454. Specially profiled seals out of oil resistant polymer are used for effective pumping with extended life.

Every master cylinder assembly is tested for its pumping efficiency and leakage under the stipulated hydraulic pressure. Master cylinder of robot make is comparable to any world class product, but a maximum benefit of price.

LOCAL Master Cylinder

Can not work smoothly and efficiently due to incorrect selection of basic raw material and inaccurate processing.

Casting body of poor quality, ungraded, machining done on conventional drilling machines, I.D. finish is rough and sizes are not uniform (in taper) resulting in sticking of piston/ seal and ultimately non-working of assembly.

Coil spring made out of ordinary steel does not act like a genuine spring and gets permanent set resulting in the failure of assembly. Piston out of sub–standard master cylinder material is machined on ordinary lathe and used as it is, without grinding, creating obstructed movement. Seals of wrong rubber get degraded faster; as a result pump assembly stops functioning.

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