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Comparison Between Robot Hydraulic Pump Assembly And Local Hydraulic Pump Assembly

Robot Hydraulicic Pump Assembly

Robot Hydraulic Pump Assembly

Hydraulic pump lifts hydraulic oil from storage tank and supplies to various hydraulic operating systems through distribution valve block. This works like “heart” in a body.

Hydraulic pump converts mechanical power into hydraulic energy. When a pump operates, it performs two functions. First, its mechanical action creates a vacuum at the pump inlet which allows atmospheric pressure to force hydraulic oil from the reservoir tank into the inlet line of the pump. Second, its mechanical action delivers the oil and forces it into the whole hydraulic system.

Specialties Of Robot Hydraulicic Pump

Entire body is out of cast iron alloy of Copper – Chromium contributing to high tensile property with sufficient hardness as well as excellent wear resistance. Castings are made in induction hardening furnace to ensure castings do not carry any impurities.  All the dimensions are finished in computer numerically controlled VMC with micron accuracy along with super surface finish.

Gear raw material is forged out of American SAE steel alloy of Nickel, Chromium and Molybdenum, for better strength, wear resistance and higher durability.  Gear forgings are machined on CNC turning centre, teeth are hobbed and shaved to required profile with micron accuracy and super finish. Hardening in a controlled atmosphere is done to achieve the desired hardness and case depth. Gears are then subjected to fine shot blasting and finally ground to bearing dimensions with superb surface finish. The gears run on sintered bronze bush bearing coated inside with PTFE and strengthened outside with polished steel which enhances smooth and extended performances. There are wear pads which are machined on VMC for dimensional accuracy and better surface finish. The seals are made up of high heat resistant and oil resistant polymers which guarantee perfect sealing even at elevated heat conditions.

All the bolts are tightened at stipulated torque with torque wrench so that assembly will not get loosened ever at high jerks or vibrations. Each and every hydraulicic pump assembly is tested for all functional parameters on exclusively designed testing machine, before dispatch.

Local Hydraulicic Pump Assembly

Local pumps are noisy, insufficient pumping capacity, overheating and low life. Body castings are produced in ordinary cupola furnace with assorted material, no control on chemical composition and impurities, erratic hardness, machining done on conventional machines, misalignment in assembly. Results – noisy and faster wear.

Wear plate (4nos) of sub-standard material, machined on conventional machines without any accuracy, which damages gear and vice versa. Gears-unforced, in-appropriate material, machined or ordinary machines, irratically hardened, cannot stand wear and tear, gets noisy.

Seals are manufactured out of lousy rubber which get degraded faster and start leaking. Bushings (8nos) made out of ordinary pipe will not stand longer and due to wrong material it can hurt gears.

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