The entire oil circulation of the whole system of machine is provided by the transmission pump. Transmission pump must be capable to discharge more oil than than total transmission actually needed at any rpm or idling of engine. This can happen only with genuine pump. THE RIGHT ANSWER IS ROBOT BRAND TRANSMISSION PUMP.

Why To Choose Robot Brand?

Robot transmission pump assembly is a piece of marvel and blend of high technology and precise machining. All the child parts are of high precision exacting to the perfect fitment. Body and centre plate are castings which are cast in induction furnace of our plant with full control of impurities. The grades of the castings are so selected to achieve the maximum life and minimum wear ensuring high pumping efficiency throughout. While casting housing and plate most important parameters like microstructure, inclusion rating, hardness and strength are tested and maintained as per the International Standards. Castings are subjected to precision machining with the aid of computer numerically controlled machines to attain high degree of accuracy.

As the tooth profiles and dimensions of both external and internal gears are of paramount important, they are manufactured by sintering process. Sintering has an additional advantage of oil retaining as well. Bush bearings are out of special material, CNC machined after fitment so that bush will work smoothly and will not harm the matching part, resulting in longer service. The pump is fitted with Viton seal which can with stand very high temperature coupled with oil resistance, for extra life.

When you find a malfunction of pump like exerting low main line pressure, misfiring, sticky and noisy, immediately you will have to replace the pump and the right answer is ROBOT TRANSMISSION PUMP.

Local Transmission Pump


Sub-standard raw material for all child parts, crude way of machining of them make the whole assembly ineffective and incapable to deliver.

1. Gears- Gears are out of M.S material and profiles of the tooth made crude. As a result teeth can’t match each other, making noise and finally failure of the unit.

2. Bush- Bush made of ordinary M.S pipe in place of phosphor bronze. Damage to the matching part.

3. Splined plate- Splined plate is made of ungraded casting without any control in production-full of blow holes, low hardness and poor strength, machined in conventional machines in ordinary workshop, no accuracy nor any workmanship.

4. Housing- Housing gallery and its location is very important. In the local part those are not correctly provided due to which oil flow is low. Casting without grade and no control on dimensional parameters. Rough surface finish.

5. Rubber- Sub-standard recycled rubber used for seal in place of Viton. This lead to premature failure and leakage.

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