Robot Synchroniser

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The entire oil circulation of the whole system of JCB Backhoe Loader machine is provided by the transmission pump. Transmission pump must be capable to discharge more oil than than total transmission actually needed at any rpm or idling of engine. This can happen only with high quality pump. THE RIGHT ANSWER IS ROBOT BRAND TRANSMISSION PUMP. ROBOT is the most trusted brand of JCB Spare Parts manufactured in India.

Function of Synchroniser is to allow gear changing in a smooth way, noiseless and without vibrations both for the durability of the transmission and comfort of the user and also thus ensure gear safety.

Robot brand Synchroniser is a technical marvel and its workmanship is par excellent and comparable with JCB original part.

Why Robot Synchroniser has an edge over other make?

Raw material of every child part is carefully selected from high performing engineering material. Center sleeve is out of SAE(American) specified alloy forging of Nickel, Chromium and Molybdenum for higher strength and extended life. Sleeve is machined on CNC machine, broached for more accuracy and consistency, chamfered the teeth with special cutter, hardened & tempered, fine shot blasted and O.D. recess is ground to 3 triangle finish. Cones(2) are forged out of high tensile brass contributing to extra strength and durability, CNC machined to micron accuracy with unique O.D. contour, slots and holes made in HMC; resulting in smooth and efficient engagement every time.

Matching cups are stamped from carbon steel, heat treated in seal quenched furnace to minimize distortion/scaling after CNC machining is done. After heat treatment, cup is subjected to final shot blasting for sound appearance. All the teeth are artificially chamfered and finally micro ground to make perfect matching with brass cone O.D. Energiser pins are of steel alloy made by powder metallurgical process which ensures intricate configurations with consistency. Pins are hardened in controlled atmosphere. Springs made of British Standard Steel are hardened to obtain optimum spring life. An exclusive processing system is adopted for rivet which ensures riveting with 100% yielding.

By and large, each and every child part of the assembly is high-tech creation and all parts are equally important as far as the functions are concerned. We bet you will not find a trouble free JCB Backhoe Loader Synchroniser with any other JCB parts suppliers except ROBOT or JCB genuine itself. Robot Genuine Synchroniser comes with 100% replacement guarantee for any manufacturing defect.

Robot Synchroniser assy is widely popular in world as well as domestic market due to its unmatched quality and performance.

Local Synchroniser Assy

Local Synchroniser Assy

Synchroniser does not work smoothly due the dimensional and material mismatch of the child parts. Result : Damage to the other part(s) and may cause accident.

1. Cone plate out of sub-standard brass. Engaging angle and linings on OD not provided correctly; as a result cone plate contact with changer plate will always get stuck-up.

2. Changer Plate does not rotate and gets sticky due to wrong material & hardness and faulty dimensions, while gear shifting.

3. Unhardened clamping rivets which lead to collapse of whole assy while working.

4. Sliding Sleeve is made out of sub-standard steel rod, not heat treated properly. Faster wear and tear. Splines not uniform. Chamfer on splines are irratic and engagement with matching part not smooth and jerky. Recess not ground or the sizes correctly not made; fork matching problematic.

5. Energizing pin is fabricated. Can’t function properly due to wrong contours and dimensions; not heat treated and does not withstand necessary tension.

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