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Comparison Between Robot Brand Pivot pin and Local Pivot pin



Pivot pin is used to going one part to another by forming a joint. Component swivels against the centre line of the pin. It needs to carry enough load to avoid any shearing, beading, distortion or breakage.

Robot pins are manufactured strictly by taking the above requirement into consideration. Steel as per British standard BS 970 is procured directly from rolling mill of India’s leading steel plant so that we ensure that nothing can go wrong. After the diameter conformation the bar is cut into the desired length band saw and toughened for extra care strength. Facing and centring are the next operation which is done on SPMs.

All the pins are machined on CNC turning centre guarantying the accurate diameter with consistency. Hole is made in SPM for correctness. Every pin is subjected to induction hardening to the desired value of hardness and case depth. Finishing of the OD to the micron accuracy is done on grinding machine. Diameter is maintained to the exact performing clearance of the bush I.D. pins are protected from corrosion by means of phosphating or blackening chemically. High quality rust preventive oil is also applied while packing to ensure that no rusting can take place before usage. ALWAYS USE GENUINE PART – ROBOT BRAND.



Prone to crack, bend, faster wear and tear, short life.

Sub – standard raw material used machining done on ordinary lathe. No control on dimensions leads to irratic fitment.

Hole diameter, positioning squareness do not tally with specifications forceful fitment. As induction hardening is done in local machine without correct parameters, hardening pattern on pin is irratic, resulting is crack, shearing or faster wear and tear and shorted life.

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