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Comparison Between Robot Brand Engine Mounting and Local Engine Mounting


JCB Engine Mounting

Engine mounting is the part that holds the engine to the chassis and there are four in numbers bolted together and held in place.

A mounting essentially made up of polymer (rubber) and steel, has two purposes. First, it secures the engine to the frame, and second, it absorb vibrations and shocks transmitted from frame towards engine.


Steel forging is used for the centre structure which ensures extra strength as well as dimensional stability. Forging is machined in CNC turning centre to the required sizes so that festering bolt fit mounting correctly. The machined centre plate is moulded in specially designed moulds. The rubber compound used consists of virgin rubber and quality chemicals. The vulcanised rubber has an excellent compression strength, very low compression set and optimum hardness; In addition, tensile strength and elongation are at best. By applying binding solution to the base material while rubberising, bonding of steel and rubber become so strong that rubber can not be separated out. Rubber part is secured between centre plate on one side and steel drive on another side.

All the above qualities are the deciding factors of a perfect mounting. AND ROBOT MOUNTING IS AT ITS TOP.



Poor performance harder, prone to crack/collapse, less vibration/shock resisting, unhealthy look.

Centre plate insert made with plate and pipe welded can not stand the required load and break โ€“ off, dimension are not maintained resulting in fitment problem.

Rubber used out of recycled material. No control of properties, strength or hardness. Blow holes, prone to permanent set. Rubber may get peeled โ€“ off as no bonding adhesive is used. Thinner and weaker sheet used โ€“ gets deflected, damaged and displaced.

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