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Comparison Between Robot Brand Cabin Mounting and Local Cabin Mounting



Cabin for riding a drives in mounted on a chassis through four nos. of cabin mounting which are fastened together. The very purpose of the mounting is to absorb vibrations and shocks. The mounting composed of a centre metallic pipe and a rubber body bonded the steel pipe.


High quality steel pipe is the control part pipe in machined on CNC turning centre to the specified dimensions and finish. Right rubber compound out of virgin rubber mixed with various chemical is bonded to the metallic item. The moulded rubber is highly resilient with very low compression set, better compression strength and tensile strength. With its correct hardness and the above properties, cabin mounting has excellent vibration resulting quality to feel good along with extended life when you use Robot BRAND.



Dose not function properly, rubber comes out, rubber material of inferior quality, uncontrolled moulding, rubber prone to crack, dose not meet anti โ€“ vibration property. Bad appearance.

For centre pipe, scrap material is selected, machined on ordinary lathe not to the sizes; no binding adhesive is used between the metallic and rubber cansing in easy separation of rubber from tube โ€“ final results โ€“ collapse.

Recycled rubber is used. This rubber dose not provide necessary hardness & vibration resistant properties. No control on rubber quality like tensile strength, compression strength, compression set.

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