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Comparison Between Robot Accelerator Lever Assembly And LocalAccelerator Lever Assembly

Robot Accelerator Lever Assembly

Purpose of accelerator lever assembly is to control the acceleration of the engine r.p.m. and hold in a particular r.p.m. while excavation takes place.

Why Robot Product Is Superior?

Lever assembly consists of essentially three aluminium parts and the raw material is selected out of LM series of British Standard specification. This grade of aluminium has excellent fluidity, pressure tightness, higher strength and better corrosion resistance. For all cast parts separate pressure casting dies are made incorporating critical to minor dimensions with excellent surface texture to stylish look. Pressure die cast parts are precisely machined to perfect the assembly.

We have added two additional features in robot lever assembly compared to JCB original part. First, a threaded insert out of steel on the base is fitted and the advantage is that thread will not get damaged while assembly /dismantling throttle cable as thread of the cable is also steel. Threads in JCB original is aluminium which can get damaged and once the base is damaged you have no option, but to throw. The second feature is the dust cap. This protects the assembly from ingression of dust, water etc. resulting in extended smooth life of lever assembly.

Local Accelerator Lever Assembly

Unhealthy appearance, castings are sand cast. Aluminium used out of scrap material with impurities, sticky lever movement, premature failure. No protection cover-dust, water etc.  gets into the other parts, reduces the life. Threads on aluminium base; can get damaged easily.

Sand cast aluminium is used and the material is out of residual aluminium with lot of impurities and blow holes. Result: Shabby look, prone to break and faster wear and tear. No dimensional control.

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