Backhoe Loader is synonym with JCB as JCB backhoe loader is the largest selling backhoe loader in the world today. For the replacement of worn out or damaged JCB spare part every one will look for the same JCB quality part in the new JCB replacement part he purchases so that it can contribute to a similar life as a original JCB Part. As the prices of JCB genuine parts are extremely high and as a result the JCB owner looks for an alternative JCB spare part with the same original quality at a reasonable price. There comes Robot brand JCB replacement parts made in their own factories with world class technology and similar to genuine quality standards at a very reasonable price. Robot brand genuine JCB replacement spare parts are known for their high quality internationally today, testimony to this is Robot’s 25 dealers across the world directly and many others are selling Robot brand JCB spare parts indirectly.

Sensing this high demand for JCB replacement spare parts many ill-equipped manufacturer have surfaced all over the world. Most of them are in INDIA & TURKEY. I can tell you by my experience that most of these manufacturers do not have any proper infrastructure VIZ. design dept, standard rooms, heat treatment facilities, quality department, test rigs & latest machine etc. Nor do they have any knowledge of suitable raw material for a particular spare part. There only aim is to make more profit by reducing the cost of manufacturing in whatever possible way and in doing so they compromise with quality of parts to no end. They achieve their target of low priced part but if the same part is used in the JCB backhoe loader than it can cause irreparable damage to the machine.

In following lines I will try to educate you all , how these spurious manufacturers save money by not following a correct manufacturing process, which starts from buying a low quality raw material.

1. Buying cheaper raw material from unapproved/sub-standard sources for pivot pins, bush-steel & bronze, castings, rubber, polymer etc.

i. Pivot Pin – Ungraded steel with low strength against EN18 material from standard manufactures
ii. Steel bush – low quality M.S.pipe against Alloy steel forging for better strength.
iii. Bronze bush – Full of porosity and holes against sound smooth All alloy bronze.
iv. Castings – ungraded castings without refining of material and uncontrolled hardness crude micro structure and low tensile strength which will lead to premature wear and tear and breakage.
v. Rubber items – locking rubber content insufficient chemical, recycled rubber itself resulting low strength and premature fall out.
vi. Polymer (Plastic) – Erratic moulding with high percentage of recycled plastic material in place of virgin plastic with controlled parameters in automatic/semiautomatic moulding machine.
vii. Will sell refurbished bearings & many many more such bad practices.

Above I briefed you how sub standard products are. If these parts are fitted in valuable JCB backhoe loaders then there are possibilities of damage in 4 ways.

1. Faster wear and breakage of the parts used.
2. Damage of the matching parts.
3. One spurious part can damage the whole assembly
4. Increased cost of repairing.

When you calculate the total cost of damage incurred due to use of low quality JCB part, it could be several times of a genuine replacement part.

I will explain you about how Robot alternative replacement JCB spare parts are much superior technologically and durable compared to other low quality similar JCB parts available with the various aftermarket parts suppliers. Every week in my blog I will pick one JCB part and explain the difference between Robot replacement JCB spare part & similar low quality JCB part which will help you to choose the part you should buy for your JCB part smartly.

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