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Membership of Faridabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI)

The Faridabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (FCCI) is one of Faridabad Premier Industrial Organization.

It is a vibrant organization with 18 years of history serving the interests of Corporate Faridabad. It is an institution that has played an enormous part in the shaping of Faridabad, not only in economic but in social and cultural terms.

The history of FCCI dates back to 27th July 1994, when the Faridabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry was first established. FCCI is the only organization in Faridabad with the unique feature of having gamut of memberships drawn from Industry & Trade, Commerce & Consultants. FCCI main objective is to promote, develop and facilitate industries, trade and commerce, as also to create a friendly environment and unanimity amongest its members.

FCCI holds regular meetings with the members to discuss the common problems faced by the Industry and to find solutions to such problems.

Membership of FCCI has been growing by leaps and bounds. Popularity of FCCI has increased considerably over the years since its inception. This is evident from regular enrollment of new members every year.

With a family of Founder Members, Patrons, Governing Body & Members, FCCI is poised to take Corporate Faridabad to greater heights and provide a truly pro-active, vibrant and dynamic platform for the trade, industry and service sector of Faridabad.