6 Maintenance Tips for Tracked Excavators

Today, a lot of tools, equipment, and machinery can be used to dig. However, there are times that using the more traditional and conventional method is better. We are well-aware about tracked excavators as they are common in the industry. But, that does not mean you should care less about their maintenance. You should still take good care of the tracked excavators and the JCB spare parts so that you can get the best benefits it could bring when you are operating it.

Here are a few tips that could come in handy in terms of the maintenance of these excavators:

Pay Attention to High-Wear Parts

One of the most important parts of a tracked excavator is the bucket teeth. However, it is also one of the most high-wear parts. Meaning, they wear out easily and when you use a worn out teeth, you will have a hard time with your productivity. Aside from that, bushings and pins are also some of the parts that can wear out easily.

When doing maintenance, pay extra attention to these parts and make sure they are in the right condition. If not, then you should look into replacing them immediately.

Get the Right Track Sag

Your tracked excavator will experience a faster rate of wearing when the tension or the track sag is too tight or too loose. To avoid this, you have to adjust the track sag from time to time. This means that you should lift it above the ground, around four inches together with the boom hydraulics and the arm.

After that, you want to rotate the tracks three times clockwise and three times counter-clockwise. This will make sure that the material is out of the rails of the track. You can then go ahead and measure the bottom roller mainframe’s distance to the grouser’s top.

Consider the Time Constraints of Scheduled Maintenance

When you are observing a strict time duration of your scheduled maintenance, what you want to prioritize is to check if the filter and the engine or hydraulic oil need replacement. Remember, it is always better to do the right maintenance measures to ensure the right operation of the tracked excavator before you start a project than wasting time in downtime because of unexpected issues.

Consider the Conditions of the Job Site

Maintenance would sometime have to vary. This primarily depends on the job site. This means that if you are working in a site with a harsher environment, you would want to adjust the settings of your tracked excavators and perform more intensive maintenance compared when you are working on quite a normal job site.

Do Not Just Repair on the Spot

There are repairs that can be done on-site such as fixing leaks or simple replacements of components. But, if you need to disassemble engines, valves, or pumps that need proper cleanliness, you want to contact a professional and do the repairs in their shop.

Be Watchful of Problem Signs

It always pays to read the manual or guide of the equipment from the manufacturer. This guide will tell you about the problem signs that you should look out for and what immediate actions you need to take to solve the problems. If you are unsure about what to do with the JCB spares parts when you noticed a problem sign, it would be best to contact a professional that is trained well in terms of the work.

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