[:en]5 Crucial Things to Check When Buying Used JCB Excavator[:]

[:en]Excavators are robust and durable earthmoving equipment. But they are pricey too. Hence, the best solution to meet your need is to buy a used excavator. With an in-depth inspection and proper examination of a second-hand excavator, you can ensure to pick the best product and won’t end up wasting your money.

Here know the most important aspects to consider when buying a used JCB excavator.

Check Dents and Cracks

Though high-quality JCB spares parts are available in the market that can be used to revamp any issues with your second-hand purchase. But, it is best to pick an excavator free from all sorts of dents and cracks.

Such units work in stressful conditions and end up having a compromised body. But paying attention to bucket, stick, key connection welds, and other structural aspects will ensure you get a product worth the value.

Check Hydraulics for Leaks

From hoses, cylinders to other mechanical leaks, you should check the entire equipment before finally purchasing it. Even check the hydraulic pump. A leak does not mean that the product is defective, but definitely, it needs replacement.

If you find any leak, then get it repaired before your purchase.

Check Swing Radius Movement

Next, check the swing ring for any abnormal or loose movement. The swing ring must rotate smoothly and tightly. Check all connection points. Loose connection points can lead to improper functioning of the equipment, and hence, less accurate results. A slew ring is highly expensive. Avoid buying an excavator with a damaged slew ring as it can increase your expense further.

Check Improperly Working Hour Meter

Check the validity and authenticity of the hour meter, which must display an appropriate number of hours for the machine. In addition to this, check the control pedals. Control pedals are subject to wear and tear over time. But, if the damage is severe then this can result in inaccurate hours reading.

Check Tires and Tracks

Examine the tracks and tires of the excavator closely. Extreme exposure of the equipment to heat and wear and tear can cause cracks in the rubber of the tires. Also, the tension of tracks must not be loosened. Though they get loosen over time but if it’s extreme then they have to be replaced.  Make sure the lugs are not missing. If they are not there, avoid picking the equipment. Alternatively, you can check in advance with a reliable manufacturer for availability of that item.

A major challenge with second-hand excavators is that they are prone to frequent breakdown. As a result, their parts would require repair. But if any of the parts are not available then you can always buy high-quality and durable JCB spares parts.
This way, you can get an affordable deal without compromising on the quality.[:]

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